1. Dobi Laundry will charge the cleaning cost of all items on our price list, unless you believe the depreciated value of your garment exceeds ten (10) times the cleaning charge. In such case, please declare the value in which the garment will be cleaned at 1/10th of the declared value.
  2. Liability for any reason (including but not limited to lost or damaged items) is limited to the lesser of ten (10) times the cleaning cost or the depreciated value of the item as determined by the International Fair Claims Guide published by the International Fabricare Institute (IFI), not exceeding $150.00 whichever is lowest. This applies to all items, including luxury, branded, and designer goods. Once the item has been compensated, it remains the property of Dobi Laundry.It will be given in the form of credit.
  3. Dobi Laundry liability shall be limited to the terms contained herein and shall only apply to the individual item which has been damaged or lost. In the event that items are priced in one lump sum or are part of a set (such as curtains or cushion covers) and should any damage occur which is the fault of Dobi Laundry, the liability shall be based upon ten (10) times the apportioned cleaning cost for that individual item (part of a set). This applies to all items, including luxury, branded, and designer goods .It will be given in the form of credit.
  4. Dobi Laundry reserves the right to determine the amount of compensation. It will take into consideration of the depreciation due to age and use.
  5. Kindly remove valuable, personal or ornamental items attached to or left on the garment. Dobi Laundry is not responsible for the loss or damage of item(s) not removed prior to cleaning.
  6. Dobi Laundry shall not be liable for items with a defect in the design, material, dyes or construction, have residual stains or have accessories or ornaments which don’t withstand cleaning. Any damage or stains discovered before cleaning are to be taken as having occurred before collection.
  7. Dobi Laundry shall not be liable for garments without or unclear care label affixed to the garment. Your items will be cleaned according to the care label, unless specified by you. If there are no care labels, your item will be cleaned according to our experience.
  8. Dobi Laundry shall not be liable for loss or damage due to load wash service (wash by per kg).
  9. Please check upon collection on the number and condition of items. If you are not present to give us or receive your items, your appointed receiver will be deemed as acceptance of our terms and conditions. Dobi Laundry will not be liable for claims relating to missing items after collection.
  10. Any claims or irregularities with respect to the condition of your garment must be made within (24) hours from the time the garment/item is collected.
  11. Dobi Laundry will do our utmost to remove stains, however there is no guarantee that every stain can be removed on all fabrics. We will not waive charges due to our inability to remove a stain.
  12. Dobi Laundry will attempt to note down on your invoice of any damage or stains relating to your items, however they are not to be deemed as conclusive or final, as our operations’ staff will do a final check before cleaning. Hence, we make no warranty for the completeness of these descriptions.
  13. Dobi Laundry will contact you for the delivery of items, if no prior arrangement is made .Garments left for more than 1 (1) months after wash is completed will be handled at our own discretion, with no further claims against Dobi Laundry.
  14. Payment
    Payment is due before delivery of your items. In the event where no payment is received by the previous working day 9pm before delivery day, the delivery will be cancel and a $10 will be charge for the cancellation.
  15. Terms for delivery and collection.
    For any changes to order, please contact us at no less than 48 hours before the agreed time for collection or delivery.  In the event that we receive less than 48 hours’ notice in relation to a cancellation or rescheduling of your allocated time slot, or in the event that you do not show up for the self-collection or are not reachable for delivery at your allocated time slot, you will be charged an additional no-show $10 fee for the rescheduled self-collection or delivery. We shall also not be held responsible or liable for any failure to collect or deliver your items within the allocated time slot due to any occurrence of circumstances beyond our reasonable control. In the event that we need to reschedule, we will notify you of the rescheduled date and time as soon as practicable.
  16. It is deem that customer agree to the terms and conditions upon use of our service.